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  Three meals a day is an essential first task for every family. Chinese cuisine has exquisite cooking technology, which can not be lacked in frying, frying, boiling and frying. It is not too much to describe Chinese food culture with "smoke and fire burning", but it will produce a large number of lampblack kitchens, which makes cooking at home become a disaster area and air pollution.
  According to the survey, when people inhale cooking oil fume for a long time, they will suffer from anorexia, upset and other symptoms, drowsiness, fatigue and weakness, which are also related to respiratory system diseases. Although they don't eat much at ordinary times, they will increase their weight. The main reason why most chefs are overweight is the main reason, which is collectively referred to as "oil fume syndrome".
  Women are wary of the risk of cancer associated with smoking - when it comes to lung cancer, most people think it's the smoker's "patent.". However, in recent years, the proportion of female lung cancer patients is increasing, especially women over 40 years old, accounting for about 80% of female lung cancer patients. The incidence rate of lung cancer has become the second leading cause of morbidity and mortality. What causes a sharp increase in the number of women suffering from lung cancer in China? Research shows that the main carcinogen of lung cancer is DNP, which is produced in the process of cooking at home. The DNP inhaled by housewives while cooking in the kitchen is 188 times that of outdoor fresh air!
  The elderly are easy to induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. There are a lot of fat and cholesterol oxides in the oil smoke, which is easy to induce cardiovascular diseases and cerebrovascular diseases. From the existing clinical data, we can find that people often smell oil smoke more prone to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases than do not smell oil smoke. After years of cooking smoke, the elderly are easy to get sick.
  It is a threat to children's growth and health. When children inhale lampblack, it will cause eye, nose and respiratory tract diseases, which will affect their normal growth and development. In the stage of growing up, lampblack pollution will make children more prone to conjunctivitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis, tractis, pneumonia and other diseases, which will seriously harm children's growth and health.
  At this temperature, some volatile substances, such as water, free fatty acids and short chain products of oxidative degradation, escape from the oil and produce recognizable smoke. Oil in this temperature composition changes, began to worsen smoke, especially can produce a variety of harmful health substances, carcinogens.
  The so-called lampblack, because the pot can't control the temperature, the temperature is too high to exceed the smoke point of the oil and constantly produce smoke, volatile substances can make the food black, pungent and harmful to human body, and produce PM2.5 for the family, which is the strongest carcinogen listed by the International Cancer Agency - benzopyrene, very harmful to the health of the chef. As a qualified housewife, it's very important to know the harm of high temperature cooking and the harm of lampblack, because it's directly related to your health and your family.


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